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Top issues of Children abused at workplace in Nike Free Essay Example, 3500 words

According to the authors nc , Kurt, Esenay and zer (2013), abuse is treating the employees badly for gaining various benefits. Abuse can be of a different kind like verbal, physical, unjust practices, crimes etc. Employees are often bound to leave their job for experiencing maltreatment from the employer. There are many companies which compel the children to do various difficult and odd jobs. It is illegal to employ a child but the firms overlook legal rules and regulations for earning more profits. They employ child for getting their work done at a low cost. The judgmental capability of the children is low and for this reason, they are easily influenced by the companies. They do not have the knowledge about pay scale and minimum wage. The organizations take advantage of this and force them to do the difficult job by providing very low salary. By this process, the firms try to maximize their profit ( nc , Kurt, Esenay zer, 2013). The author Shipler (2008) stated that in most of the cases it is observed that the children of underdeveloped or less developed countries are the victims of child labor. We will write a custom essay sample on Top issues of Children abused at workplace in Nike or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now They join different organizations for lack of money. Parents of this type of type of children do not earn much and as a result of this, they are not able to meet their basic needs. The children perform different types of jobs for earning money and living their livelihood. The organizations that employ child labor are aware of their conditions. Most of the firms take advantage of the poor and needy children by forcing them to perform difficult tasks. This hampers the proper growth and development of the children. Treating children badly create strong negative impacts on their future and this is harmful to the society (Shipler, 2008). Chappell, Martino and International Labour Office (2006) highlighted that children are considered as the future of the country. Abusing them in different ways will hamper their mental and physical balance. When a child experiences bad behavior from other people then he tends to copy that behavior.

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From Marketing Mix to Relationship Marketing - 3920 Words

28 September 2011 From Marketing Mix to Relationship Marketing Towards a paradigm shift in marketing Prepared by: Mai Hamed Shady Marzouk Presented to: Dr. Mariam Abo youssef Table of Contents Introduction 3 Marketing Mix 4 The problem with the Marketing Mix 7 The Nature of the Marketing Mix 8 What is the History of the Marketing Mix? 9 Contemporary Theories of Marketing 11 The New Approaches and the Marketing Mix 12 The Future: The Relationship Marketing Concept 13 Relationship Marketing 14 Is There a Paradigm Shift in Marketing? 14 Conclusion 15 References 16 Introduction This report discusses how the marketing mix management paradigm has dominated the marketing thought, research and practice†¦show more content†¦From the perspective of production development, it is frequently stated that cultural expressions need to find their market in order to survive, but it is also the case that the sacrificing of cultural content with little market value lowers the value of cultural production overall. From the perspective of rights to and processes of identity construction, culture generates services that cannot be governed exclusively by the market, especially in view of the marginality of subaltern groups. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to think of cultural practices and consumption today without involving the market in some way. For marketers in the cultural industry it is important to identify the factors influencing consumers’ purchasing. Cultural factors are essentially important in selection of the two elements of place and product. For example, someone brought up in an environment that values art would be more likely to buy artistic products. Even it may be important considering customers in terms of their sub-culture. One may be surrounded by people who not only value art but place a higher priority on paintings as opposed to the music. As a result, they will be more likely to buy paintings rather than musical instrument. Pricing the artistic products and activities should also follow a logic trend. This practice may be done through some standardsShow MoreRelatedNeil Borden and The Concept of Marketing Mix Essay example677 Words   |  3 PagesWhen talking about marketing the idea that just comes to mind is a program designed to sell product or simply advertise and no wonder we been bombarded with a lots of different advertising trying to sell something. (Armstrong and Kotler, 2007) But what is marketing? According (Meldrum and McDonald, 2007), marketing can be defined as â€Å"the way in which an organisation matches its human, financial and physical resources with the wants and needs of its customers† but (Ebert and Griffin, 2013) also definedRead MoreMarketing Mix : A Business Tool1726 Words   |  7 PagesThe term ‘Marketing mix’ is said to have first been used by Borden (1965). The term ‘Marketing mix’ was derived from the lone P (price) of microeconomic theory (Chong, 2003). The marketing mix is a business tool often used in marketing and by marketers. The marketing mix is important when trying to determine a product or brand s offer, and is often identified with the four P’s which are; price, place, promotion and product (McCarthy, 1964). Kent (1986) describes the four P’s as â€Å"the holy quadrupleRead MoreThe Marketing Mix Of Borden1483 Words   |  6 PagesThe marketing mix was claimed to be introduced by Borden (1965) by hi mself and was suggested to him by Culliton (1948) as he described the action of a business decision-making as â€Å"mixer of ingredient†. The marketing mix is known to be a business tool to most, which needs to be taken under consideration in order for the business to be successful. The marketing mix was first originated from the single P, which was â€Å"Price† from the microeconomics theory (Chong 2003). Due to competiveness, new P’s wereRead MoreCritical Evaluation of the Marketing Mix1115 Words   |  5 PagesCritical Evaluation of the Marketing Mix â€Å"The Marketing Mix is a combination of Product, Price, Place and Promotion (The four P’s) that helps increase sales to the target market† (McCarthy, 1960 cited in Combe 2006 p126) This systematic tool is more commonly used once a business has decided on its overall competitive marketing strategy. This includes analysing marketing opportunities and selecting a target market. The development of the four P’s to the advantage of a specific business can beRead MoreThe Strategic Planning Marketing Process Essay762 Words   |  4 PagesThe Strategic Planning Marketing Process An organization must use a strategic marketing process to distribute its marketing mix resources to reach its target markets. The elements of a proper marketing mix are price, product, place, and promotion. They are the four P’s of the marketing process (Goi, 2009) Good understanding of the marketing mix is important for an organization. When a company is developing a marketing plan, it must consider each element. Just as important is an understandingRead MoreMarketing Differences Between B2C and B2B Websites1494 Words   |  6 PagesDifferences in Marketing for B2C and B2B Sites March 27, 2006 Differences in Marketing for B2C and B2B Sites Introduction Marketing in an electronic-business/commerce (e-business/e-commerce) arena today is truly no different than the ole ‘brick and mortar business. Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sites need to have a crafty approach to implement marketing strategies and develop an effective marketing plan to reach the intended (targeted) market. Thus, the mixingRead MoreMarketing Mix1070 Words   |  5 PagesThe marketing mix is primarily made up of four variables, and they are product, place, price, and promotion. These variables are often referred to as the four P s. Many sources often describe the marketing mix as a recipe used in developing a viable marketing strategy, with each ingredient being used different ways and at different times based on the product or service one is trying to market. This paper will utilize three sources to describe the elements of the marketing mix. It will also describeRead MoreThe Relationship Between Strategic Planning And The Mark eting Management Process759 Words   |  4 Pages MGMT 5302 – Marketing Analysis Final Exam Question #1 (6 points) Describe the relationship of strategic planning and the marketing management process. The strategic planning is a long look at the future or path of growth that the company wishes to go in. To achieve that growth or travel that path several objectives are needed to keep that company on the correct one, marketing management is a part of that process. If the market management is not adhering to the overall strategic plan of the companyRead MoreMarketing in Todays Business World Essay1087 Words   |  5 PagesWe often hear people talk about marketing and some of its functions. But what does the term ‘marketing’ actually mean? Various definitions have been suggested. In 1976, the Chartered Institute of Marketing described marketing as ‘’the management process that identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably’’ (Watkis 2008). This definition suggests that research is vital in determining market necessities. Marketers must be in a position to predict what future consumer needsRead MoreMarketing Communica tion998 Words   |  4 PagesMarketing communications are the means by which firms attempt to inform, persuade, and remind consumers—directly or indirectly—about the products and brands that they sell. The marketing communications mix consists of six major modes of communication. List and briefly explain each using a specific product or service to illustrate their use. The chosen product for this assignment is Coca – Cola. It is a well known fizzy beverage which has been around from the eighteenth century. The primary target

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The Medici Influence and the Italian Renaissance Essay

A post Middle Age Italy was afflicted by medieval wars and the bubonic plague. A change was needed to restore the vision of what Italy could become. This change was found within one family: the Medici’s, who helped to return the glory and influence to Florence. The Medici’s saw the value in contributing to the advancement of the greatest minds of the period. This was evident in their patronage of leading Artists such as Michelangelo and of renowned Teachers such as Galileo. The sphere of influence the Medici’s enjoyed also extended to the political arena, which happened to be heavily influenced by the Catholic Church at the time. The Medici’s were able to capitalize on the power of the Church and through this influence and the use of†¦show more content†¦(Medici) In the Florentine republic, where economic power was almost synonymous with political power, achieving this financial feat made way for social distinction. (The Medici) With Giovanni†™s death in 1429, there were those who tried to capitalize on the opportunity to displace the Medici family from its place in the social and political landscape of the time. One such opportunity was taken with the help of a wealthy rival, the Albizzi family, who put in motion a plot to have Giovanni’s son, Cosimo de Medici, arrested on accusations of treason and banished to Venice. This did not happen without consequences. With Cosimo’s exile he took with him a large source of Florentine capital, the Medici Bank. The Pope intervened and restored the Medici’s to power. Thus began Cosimo’s restoration of Florentine pride and the support of great artists that many admire today. An example of the Medici support to artists involves The Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore. The dome of the chapel was built so large that no architect knew how to complete the rooftop structure and was a humiliating point in Florentine history. A contest to see who could develop a so lution to complete the dome was won by a Florentine engineer named Brunelleschi, who felt he had found the solution. With the successful completion of the chapel, support from Cosimo de Medici and the holy consecration performed by the Pope, a great structure was once again a source of pride to the Florentines and theShow MoreRelatedThe Medici Influence and the Italian Renaissance Essay1401 Words   |  6 Pagesrevealed itself within the Medici family, who helped return glory and influence to Florence. The Medici family saw the value in contributing to the advancement of the greatest minds of the period. This was evident in their patronage of leading artists such as Michelangelo and of renowned teachers such as Galileo. The sphere of influence the Medicis enjoyed also extended to the political arena, which happened to be heavily influenced by the Catholic Church at the time. The Medicis capitalized on the powerRead MoreFlorence Was The Birthplace Of The Italian Renaissance898 Words   |  4 PagesThe Italian Renaissance was a period in history unlike most others; this was an era of ingenuity, expansion, and enlightenment that would revolutionize both society as the people of the Renaissance knew it to be, and as the future generations of individuals across the globe understand it today. Florence held itself out to be the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, yet the people of this renaissance era never lost sight of the Greek and Roman heritage. The following essay will discuss the varyingRead MoreInfluence Of The Renaissance On Modern Western Society Essay1712 Words   |  7 PagesThe renaissance was a time of great and immeasurable change within all aspects of European life; so much so that it could be seen as beginnings of our modern western society. Leading this revitalization in culture and society in Europe’s historical development were to the two of the most dominant states of renaissance Italy, Florence and Venice. These small city-states we re the powerhouses of the time and assisted speeding up the renaissance and helped spur revolutionary developments along the wayRead MoreThe Medici s Influence On The Renaissance1662 Words   |  7 Pagesthe population. Even into the Renaissance, this prevalent societal structure still existed with the elitists in control. However, there are several factors that contributed to the demise of feudalism. One of these factors ironically being a powerful family of bankers. Arguably the most prosperous family leading up to and throughout the renaissance, the Medici’s widespread influence changed countless aspects of life that we still benefit from today. Even though the Medici family were wealthy bankersRead MoreArt Of The Renaissance : Questions And Vocabulary1283 Words   |  6 PagesAssignment 12.5 (Art in the Renaissance) Assignment- Questions and Vocabulary Terms: Giotto, Masaccio, Botticelli, Perspective, Guild, Artisan, Apprentice, Patron, High Renaissance, Pope Julius II, Michelangelo, Northern Renaissance, madrigal. 1) Giotti di Bondone (1266-1337) was an Italian artist and architect from Florence in the very late Middle Ages. He is considered to be one of the most important artists in Italy because he contributed greatly to the Renaissance style of painting and art inRead MoreThe Late And Post Renaissance1386 Words   |  6 PagesThe late and post-renaissance was a time dominated by the Medici family, but many other Italian families had their time in power. As the late renaissance ended and the post-renaissance era started, the Corsini family gained power and influence under the Medici. With banks in England, offices around Europe, and palazzos in Italy, the family made fast and large steps toward gaining influence and relevance in Italy. While they earned respect on the financial side, they also progressed on the religiousRead More Patrons and Artisans of the Renaissance Period992 Words   |  4 PagesThe Renaissance period (1400 to 1700) covered art, literature, philosophy and government. R enaissance culture spread outwards from Florence, to other Italian cities and then, over the following centuries, to the rest of Europe. It is widely understood that it was a unique combination of several different influences that led to the Renaissance, with the social and political conditions of the era, combined with great wealth and the large number of talented artists and artisans in Florence; influencingRead MoreDefining The Terms Renaissance And Humanism854 Words   |  4 Pages1. Define the terms Renaissance and humanism. The New World Encyclopedia article â€Å"Renaissance† states the Renaissance featured scientific and artistic discoveries and transformations that propelled a cultural shift in Europe after the Middle Ages (2015). The New World Encyclopedia article â€Å"Humanism† indicates that Humanism primarily focuses on human being s place, potential, beauty, and so forth (2014). 2. Who were the Medici’s? The Medici family, comprised of former bankers and commerce men, becameRead MoreThe Medici; Heroes of the Rennaissance988 Words   |  4 PagesThe Medici; Heroes of the Renaissance In the year 2004, PBS broadcasted the series, â€Å"Medici; Godfathers of the Renaissance†. This four-part documentary, in attempt to gain viewer interest, compared the Medici to the mobsters found in Francis Ford’s â€Å"The Godfather†. The relation of the Medici to Italian mobsters in the PBS Medici series is in no way accurate, for they were not villains of the renaissance, but heroes. The Medici were very connected with the church, and used their extensiveRead MoreRecovery And Rebirth : The Age Of The Renaissance1414 Words   |  6 PagesOutline Recovery and Rebirth: The Age of the Renaissance Meaning and Characteristics of the Renaissance **Italian Renaissance primarily of the wealthy upper class of elite rather than mass movement** Urban Society Renaissance Italy a result of its commercial preeminence and political evolution, northern Italy (mid-14th century) was mostly a land of independent cities that dominated the country districts surrounding. the city-states were the centers of Italian political, economic, and social life. a

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Cloning And The USA Essay Research Paper free essay sample

Cloning And The USA Essay, Research Paper Cloning and the United States Government On February 24, 1997 Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland announced that scientists had cloned an grownup mammal for the first clip. These research workers removed a karyon from a mammary secretory organ of a sheep and implanted the karyon into a sheep # 8217 ; s egg with the egg # 8217 ; s nucleus already take. This embryo was so inserted into a foster sheep # 8217 ; s womb. This process is called bodily cell atomic transportation cloning. This procedure could hold a great impact in medical and agricultural applications. There are many different experimental processs for cloning. Blastomere separation is the equivalent of chemically induced indistinguishable twins. A two- to eight-cell embryo is taken and outer surfacing removed. The cells are so separated by solution and cultured into an embryo, so inserted into a womb. Blastocyst division is besides known as induced twinning. A blastodermic vessicle, an advanced phase of a blastomere, is automatically split into two separate embryos. We will write a custom essay sample on Cloning And The USA Essay Research Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Each portion can so be implanted into the womb. Nuclear organ transplant is a more generic signifier of what the Scots research workers did. Nuclear organ transplant uses a blastomere and enucleated egg, egg cell without a karyon. A karyon from one of the blastomere cells is transferred to the enucleated egg and so implanted into a womb. The difference between the Scottish research workers # 8217 ; method, bodily cell atomic transportation, and atomic organ transplant is the age of the cell that is to be cloned. The Scots research workers used a cell from an grownup sheep and atomic organ transplant uses a karyon from a two to eight cell embryo, a blastomere. Cloning could hold many utile possible utilizations. It could be used to engineer big measures of genetically indistinguishable beings. This application could assist harvest outputs and produce variety meats for human graft. Researchers would wish to utilize this as a tool to see how cistrons work and how to turn some cistrons on and others off. Whether a cistron is turned off or on determines what function it will hold in the organic structure. Another usage could be to handle sterility. A usage of blastomere separation could observe cystic fibrosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and Tay-Sachs. There are no current ordinances that exist to modulate cloning research like that done in Scotland. The lone ordinance that bounds such research prohibits federal aided research. There are no ordinances that extend into the in private funded community. This can be compared to the development of in vitro fertilisation and how it developed with out the assistance of the federal authorities. Now, there are more than 400 clinics that pattern in vitro fertilisation throughout the United States. These clinics operate with no federal assistance and small federal supervising. A jurisprudence passed in 1992, states â€Å" ? assisted generative engineering plans comply with enfranchisement and pregnancy-success-rates describing requirements.† However conformity to is this jurisprudence is voluntary. This article gives clearly provinces background information on the current cloning engineering. The article is divided into six subdivisions. Each subdivision is clearly labeled to what it is approximately. From explicating the process of the Scottish research worker to giving the success rate of the deep-rooted eggs, the background information has many different facts both in favour of and opposed to cloning. One thing that seems reasonably consistent is the writer # 8217 ; s want to go on research to better its processs. The following subdivision clearly defines three different techniques for cloning and compares how the research workers from the Roslin Institute and another signifier of cloning. Yet another subdivision describes possible practical utilizations for cloning and how they can be accomplished. An off subdivision is President Clinton # 8217 ; s comments refering cloning and actions sing cloning. The writer discusses ethical and societal issues with no existent deducti on on how the writer feels. Regulations and guidelines are the concluding subject. Even though there are few ordinances, the writer seems to connote his or her feelings that more ordinances are needed in regulating this pattern. Though many inquiries are still unreciprocated, I feel as President Clinton said, # 8220 ; The recent discovery in carnal cloning is one that could give tremendous benefits, ? # 8221 ; but asked for a voluntary conformity for all research organic structures to halt cloning human research until the state can to the full understand the ethical deductions. I think many people have non stopped to compare the positive side and the negative. Many people feel strongly one manner and with the deficiency of ordinance on a research organic structure, many may experience discerning about holding with this whole-heartedly. Federal administration over many research techniques could restrict the velocity at which cloning worlds could be achieved, but down clip on the physical research could make the same. Therefore, I feel with a soft authorities manus looking out for society and in private funded research, more could be achieved.

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Jim Crow By Wright Essays - Anti-black Racism In The United States

Jim Crow By Wright Jim Crow is an autobiographical account of author Richard Wright's education in race relations in a totally segregated south. Wright talks about his experiences growing up in the south and the racism he encountered. He attempts to show us what being on the receiving end of racism is really like, and the lessons he learned from them. I believe that Wright's intended audience seems to be directed towards white people so that they may gain an understanding of the hardships blacks went through early in our nations history. Wright starts off by explaining where he grew up. The house he lived in was located behind the railroad tracks and his "skimpy yard was paved with cinder blocks" (600). To see green you had to look beyond the railroad tracks to the white's section of town. I felt that here the author seemed to know that there was a difference between the two, but at his young age he did not understand why the two were different. In the first part of the article Wright describes a fight that he gets into with some white boys and the punishment he receives from his mother for it. His mother tells him that he is "never, never, under any conditions, to fight white folks again" (601). She goes on to say that he should be thankful that the white kids didn't kill him. I think that in telling Wright this, his mother is teaching him that blacks are not as good as whites and that he should be thankful that they allow blacks to exist in the same world as the whites. Wright goes on describing different jobs he had and the dealings he had with his white bosses. In one section the author talks about watching his white boss drag and kick a black woman into the store where he worked. After a few minutes the woman comes out bloody and crying. The author explains what happened with some of his black co-workers. None of them are surprised by this and one adds that she was lucky to just have been beaten and not raped as well. I think the author here is showing that blacks in the early south were almost immune to this type of racism. It is so commonplace that the blacks hardly blink when it happens. Wright later talks about moving to a larger city and the interactions he had with the white people there. The author explains that the whites there were a little more accepting, and would actually hold conversations with the blacks. The author points out that caution must be used when talking with whites on subjects like the Ku Klux Klan, Abraham Lincoln, the civil war, and "any topic calling for positive knowledge or manly self-assertion on the part of the Negro" (610), should be avoided. Throughout this article Wright talks about learning his "Jim Crow lessons." Jim Crow refers to the name of a character in minstrelsy (in which white performers in blackface used African American stereotypes in their songs and dances); it is not known how it became a term describing racial segregation. The term Jim Crow's literal definition means"separate but still equal." I believe the author finds the part about being equal very ironic with his title and when he mentions his "Jim Crow lessons." The last part of the article describes how blacks felt about the way they had to live. A friend of the author summed it up by saying, "Lawd, man! Ef it wuzn't fer them polices ?n' them ol' lynch-mobs, there wouldn't be nothin' but uproar down here!" (610). With this, I believe, the author has come to the realization that when it comes to racism, the blacks in the south knew about it, received it frequently, and came to accept it and the atrocities that come with it.

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Managerial Economics Essay Example

Managerial Economics Essay Example Managerial Economics Essay Managerial Economics Essay Managerial Economics Course Credits : 3 Course Faculty : Prof. Animesh Singh Learning Objectives At the end of this course, the student should be able to: develop a basic understanding of economics as an important tool for taking effective managerial decisions; develop the concept of managerial economics and its applications; and to apprise how managers need to understand fundamental demand supply forces in a market to arrive at best decisions keeping in view the competition in different market forms. PedagogyCourse will be delivered through lecture method using power point slides, class discussions using case studies. Session Plan |Session |Topic |Readings | | 1 2 |Introduction to micro macro economics, markets industry concept, importance |Chapter 1 of text book.Case 1-1, | | |of economics for managers, economic role of government, general equilibrium, |1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, and 1-6 | | |demand schedule and curve | | | 3 4 |Theory of Firm, factors affecting demand and supply, equilibrium price and |Chapter 1, 2, 3 of Text Book, Case | | |quantity, elasticity of demand and supply, measurement of elasticity of emand |1-7, 1-8, 1-9, 1-10, 1-11, 1-12 | |5 6 |Consumer Behavior, utility, law of diminishing marginal utility, why demand |Chapter 4 of Geetika Piyali Ghosh | | |curve slopes downward, derivation of market demand | | |7 8 |Production analysis, production function, long run and short run , production |Chapter 6 of text book, Case 6-1 to | | |function, stages of productio n function, law of diminishing returns |6-10 | |9 10 | Returns to scale, isoquant and isocost line, optimum input combination, |Chapter 6 7 of text book, Case: 7-1| | |expansion path, analysis of costs, |to 7-8 | |Mid Term Examination | |11 12 |Traditional modern approaches, analysis of economies of scale, economies of |Chapter 8 of Geetika and Piyali | | |scope, relevance to decision – making |Ghosh, Case Outsourcing Pg. 72 | |13 14 |Market, perfectly competitive markets – short-run long run, dynamic changes, |Chapter 8 of text book, Case 8-1 to | | |monopoly market equilibrium comparison with pure competition, price |8-8 | | |discrimination effects and government regulation | | |15 16 |monopolistic competition-equilibrium critique, oligopoly markets – non – |Chapter 8 9 of text book, Case 9-1 | | |collusive oligopoly, Cartels, Price – Leadership models.. |to 9-11 | |17 18 |Pricing Decisions : Product Pricing and Input Pricing |Chapter 11 .Cases 11-1 to 11-11 | |19 20 |Macro Economy: Flow of Economic Activity, National Income, Inflation Business |Chapter 17, 18, 19 20 of Piyali | | |Cycle |Ghosh. Case, Pages 583, 543 520 | Session = 1 ? hours Evaluation Plan |Internal Assessment |30% | |Mid-Term Examination |30% | |End Term Examination |40% | |Details of Internal Assessment | |S. No. Items |Marks | |1 |Class Participation and Attendance |5 | |2 |Quizzes |15 | |3 |Presentations Assignments |10 | | |Total |30 | Text Books: Managerial Economics by D Salvatore 2012 edition, Oxford Geetika, Piyali Ghosh, Purba Roy Choudhary : Managerial Economics, 2nd Edition 2011, TMH Reference Books 1. Geetika, Piyali Ghosh, Purba Roy Choudhary : Managerial Economics, 2nd Edition 2011, TMH 2. Managerial Economics by D N Dwivedi, Vikas 3. Modern Microeconomics by Koutsyannis, McMilan 4. Managerial Economics by Atmanand, Excel Books 5. Managerial Economics by Gupta G. S. , Tata McGraw Hill . Managerial Economics by Petersen Lewis, Hi malaya Publishing House Articles 1. The Managerial Mistakes that a CEO Must Avoid. By: DiPrimio, Anthony. Journal of Case Research in Business Economics. Dec2009, Vol. 2, p1-18. 18p. 2. What makes a die-hard entrepreneur? Beyond the employee or entrepreneur’ dichotomy By Andrew E. Burke, Felix R. FitzRoy, Michael A. Nolan Published online: 16 January 2008_ Springer Science+Business Media, LLC. 2008 3. MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, ECONOMICS AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE*! ALLEN V. KNEESE Resources for the Future, Inc. , MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, Vol. 19, No. 10, June, 1973, Pnnledin U. S. A. 4. RUNAWAY CAPITALISM.By: MEYER, CHRISTOPHER; KIRBY, JULIA. Harvard Business Review. Jan/Feb2012, Vol. 90 Issue 1/2, p66-75. 10p. 5. Letter From the Editor: Business and the Worlds Poorest BillionThe Need for an Expanded Examination by Management Scholars. By: Bruton, Garry D. Academy of Management Perspectives. Aug2010, Vol. 24 Issue 3, p6-10. 5p. 1 Chart. DOI: 10. 5465/AMP. 2010. 52842947. 6. Managerial E conomics. By: Flynn, Simone I. Managerial Economics Research Starters Business. 2008, p1-1. 12p. 7. WHAT CAN MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS CONTRIBUTE TO ECONOMIC THEORY? By: Hitch, Charles J. ; McKean, Roland N. American Economic Review. May61, Vol. 51 Issue 2, p147. 8p.

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Drug Dealing and Money Laundering Forensic Accountant Admissibility Essay - 8

Drug Dealing and Money Laundering Forensic Accountant Admissibility - Essay Example The case R v Ferguson; R v Sadler, R v Cox of the three police officers Cox, Sadler, and Ferguson is one such case. Being in the drug squad, have made it easy for these officers to illegally sell drugs through street dealers who they have caught on the pretext that they were carrying out strategic investigations. In reality, the squad members were benefitting from the drug dealers through cash income, and the only way to justify their benefits was to check on their accounts. This was why the expertise of a forensic accountant, Curtin was necessary. Although evidence of assumed expert opinions is not admissible in a court of law, in this case, the Court made an exception to accountant Curtins opinions based on the logic that if a person's financial statements were to be produced in court then an expert in the area must be produced to analyze it. However, the expert, the forensic accountant, should merely explain the evidence (which the jury could have interpreted themselves had they the training to do so) but should not influence the jury of its contents. This was why the accountant's evidence became admissible. The court of appeal also allowed the evidence admissible if Curtin explained the process of arriving at the conclusions. Curtin has used standard accountants methodology as set by the Statement of Forensic Accounting Standards - APS 11. This Standard provides clear guidelines to its members how to seek and utilize financial data and present it incomprehensible manner. Two of the important requirements is that the accountant can only make assumptions about the past or future events or amounts in the absence of the amount. His assumptions should be reasonable under circumstances, and they were suitably qualified and disclosed.